Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Ride Safe - Be Seen! Safety Apparel for Urban Commuters.

Safety apparel has always been less than flattering, and whats worse is there isn't an alternative available. In our initial research of the market, we visited almost every on-line bike shop in Canada and couldn't find anyone selling reflective shirts. Sure we found a few jackets and bags that had minimal reflective trim but for the most part the choices were pretty grim. Your options are looking like a street pylon or my favourite, airport ground crew or squeezing into ridiculously tight spandex you can barely breath in, I mean you might as well be wearing Spanx! 
So we sacrifice our safety in fear of being seen in those hideous reflective vests, but nighttime visibility is one of the main reasons for motor vehicle and cyclist collisions. That's why we feel its so important to BE SEEN at night and any additional visibility  above the law required front white light and awful plastic rear red reflector, will help to increase your safety when riding at night.


REFLX Reflective Apparel, is safety wear for urban commuters.  Whether you cycle, ride or run, our line is designed to provide 360° visibility so that you can BE SEEN at night. We ensure the highest level of reflectivity in all our products by only using 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material who pioneered Retroreflection technology over 50 years ago.

Retroreflection occurs when incoming light beams bend as they pass through the front surface of each glass bead and reflects off a mirrored surface behind the bead back towards the light source. That's why Retroreflective materials appear brightest to drivers who are located near the car headlights.

Here are a few examples of our designs.

Daytime (front)
Nighttime (front)

Each design follows the human form by placing 3M reflective material on the font back and arms proving 360° visibility.

Daytime (back)
Nighttime (back)

Mens T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton.
Mens DRI-FLX shirts are made from incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable 100% polyester Jersey Knit. AquaFX wicking properties and Freshcare anti-microbial treatment help keep sweat and odor at bay. 
Nighttime (front)

Nighttime (back)

Women's T-shirts are 95% cotton and 5% Lycra for that
comfortable fitted look.

          Nighttime (front)
Nighttime (back)

Mens Hoodie is a 14oz premium cotton fleece made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester.

Theres a trend happening in Toronto and in other major cities across Canada, we're seeing a huge increase in the number of urban commuters. Long gone are the days when we only cycled on the weekends for recreation. With traffic getting worse, transit fares continuing to increase, and new bike lanes being added, cycling is becoming a commuting solution. Whether you're cycling from work, to the gym, grocery shopping or just out for a ride, nighttime visibility is a safety issue snd its not surprising considering the lack of options currently available to consumers. 
Everybody wants to ride safe and BE SEEN and now you can with  REFLX Reflective Apparel.
Please visit www.reflx.ca for more innovative reflective designs and products.

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